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Functional Integration®

Functional Integration is a  one-on-one session based on the Feldenkrais Method®.  Unlike the traditional massage therapy, Functional Integration aims to work with your nervous system to awaken more efficient and organized ways of moving and carriage, thus creating a more lasting change in your physical functions.  you will feel a profound sense of relaxation and ease after each session.  Relief from pain and discomfort is one big benefit of the Feldenkrais Method.  Functional Integration enhances mobility, flexibility, coordination, balance, body mechanics, and the sense of ease and enjoyment in many activities of your choice.  People with limited mobility from old injuries or neurological damages, athletes, musicians, actors, dancers, and people who want to improve their postures can benefit from the Method.

Therapeutic Massage

Naoko's massage session is well tailored to fit your needs.  You can choose your session to be based on the Swedish/deep-tissue massage or the fully-clothed Eastern modality, Shiatsu. If you have on-going issues of stress, injuries, pain, or tight and achy muscles, regular sessions, once a month or bi-weekly, are recommended.  If you have an acute injury, it's best to address sooner before the tissue adhesions set in. 

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