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Naoko Katakami, CMT, GCFP

I have been practicing the art of bodywork/massage since 2000. 
My background is in dance.  I have danced many years professionally for ballet and modern dance companies in Japan and New York.  
Graduated from the National Holistic Institute 750-hour program, I have acquired other skills and techniques through many workshops and seminars.  My strength is in intuitively synthesizing the touch and the techniques to meet each client's needs.  
Since I graduated from the 4-year training course to be certified as Feldenkrais Practitioner in 2013, I have also been working with clients who want to change the way they use their body, and make their life better in terms of pain, discomfort, mobility, and how they live in their own body.
As much as I love working with clients privately, I grew to love teaching Feldenkrais group lessons as each lesson richly informs me about human behaviors and awareness.
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